Searching for interesting, different and the most suitable team building activities most often present as a challenging avenue. Although it may be a daunting excursion for the organizer, the value and unforeseen benefits of team building activities should not be underestimated. The best motivational speakers around the world have emphasised the benefits of teamwork, so why not invest in team building activities.

Paul Rothman functions as an external facilitator and motivational team building speaker, who presents interactive, practical and fun team building activities in the form of:

A half day self – defence workshop, to explore the principles and values that guide warriors in their decisions and how these are relevant to the modern workforce.

An engaging motivational conference to overcome fear and take ownership, to improve leadership skills and overall workplace performance and teamwork.

An unique NLP-based Anchoring exercise

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Team building activities almost always create stronger bonds among the members of a group. It facilitates the development of acceptance irrespective of differences, mutual respect and trust. It encourages communication, improves leadership skills and increases collaboration, which are all crucial elements for a successful and productive team.

Interactive, practical and fun team building activities should be on the top of your list

Team building and improvement of leadership skills, is an investment. You therefore need to ensure that the facilitator can focus solely on the team, without hidden agendas. External facilitation by an experienced individual definitely has more impact and enhances the team building experience.

The world’s best motivational speakers may facilitate a change, but true transformation starts from within. Take your team and yourself to the next level with Paul’s Discover the Warrior Within team building initiative.

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