Should a motivational speaker be a consideration? Will keynote speakers truly have a real impact? The answer is simple: Yes. A motivational speaker does not just deliver information and share unique stories – they inspire and transform the perspective of audience, all whilst ensuring a memorable experience.

Every motivational speaker has a unique aspect about them, whether it is vast knowledge on a specific field, a set of characteristics that facilitates positive thinking or creative ways of delivering their message.

It is not just a job, it’s a calling

Paul Rothmann is gifted in the art of persuasion, which together with his leadership qualities, passion and authenticity, makes him a unique motivational speaker and one of the most influential keynote speakers in South Africa. Paul has moulded his life experience into a rewarding career and holds the belief that others may benefit from wisdom he has gained.

As a motivational speaker, Paul has the intention to inspire, to influence, to enable individuals to embrace fear and act with courage, and discover their unique leadership qualities. When individuals are motivated, they have the desire to change their life.

Paul shares a powerful message that emphasizes the importance of self – confidence, the power of choice and the unspoken value of truly embracing fear and taking ownership. His motivational talk caters to both individuals and groups in the workplace. Paul, as a motivational speaker, is a great addition to a range of events, including corporate conferences and inspiring public occasions.

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Paul shows your team how to embrace fear in these uncertain times
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