How to gain confidence, in various domains in life, is one of the most researched topics. Not everybody is born with an inbuilt sense of confidence nor with the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. Individuals may often find it hard to develop confidence and resilience because they are inclined to react to emotions rather than to respond to, and embrace, their fears.

Fear is a concept that we are confronted with daily. You cannot run from it, but you can acknowledge it and embrace it as something that will help you experience success. Embracing your fears is your own journey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have help along the way.

If you have ever researched “how to gain confidence” or “how to overcome fear”, you should consider Paul Rothman’s motivational talk on Embracing Fear – Courage in Uncertain Times. In this talk, Paul shares the stories and insights from his adventures as a TV presenter and his experience as a professional fighter to help individuals and teams to conquer their fear and unleash their full potential.

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Courage in uncertain times

This motivational talk caters to individuals or workplace teams who wants to propel themselves to the next level, through the method of gaining confidence and overcoming fear in uncertain times. With groups in the workplace, emphasis is placed on teambuilding and motivation along with mental health in the professional landscape, rising from workplace bullying as well as optimisation of performance and dynamics in the workplace.

Stop wondering how to gain confidence and overcome fear. It time to become proactive, be brave and transition to the life you deserve.

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Paul shows your team how to embrace fear in these uncertain times
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