There are many ways to build self – confidence, of which one is reflecting on what you have already achieved. Yes, I have been in your households for many years as the Presenter of the well – known TV Program, Pasella, obtained my LLB degree, became a World Thaiboxing champion & became an advocate of the high court, but also engaged in, survived and loved Mixed Martial Arts. I have however, achieved more than that.

I have accepted myself, embraced my fears, recognized what I accel at, experienced the power of positive thinking and the power of choice, and influenced others on their journey towards living the meaningful life they deserved.

I have always had a keen interest into the world of personal growth and transformation. This interest, together with my own journey and passion for influencing individuals, have led me to become one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa, a transformational Life Coach, and advocating the power of positive thinking and the power of choice.


I have developed the following services to assist others to build self – confidence and experience the power of positive thinking:

Keynote and motivational speech: Embracing fear – Courage in Uncertain Times.

A team building self – defence workshop: Discover the Warrior Within.

A relatable, inspirational fable about values and choices: Waya, the Warrior Wolf.

Life coaching: Empower Yourself with a Life Coach.

Let us start the conversation and explore ways to build self – confidence and take yourself or your team to the next level.

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Paul shows your team how to embrace fear in these uncertain times
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